Streaming Online Movies Replaces Satellite Tv

cut cable Streaming Online Movies Replaces Satellite TvWorried about getting free streaming movie signals for your media player? Not anymore, online live streaming websites are now increasing. Great movies are no longer limited to DVD and HD cable channels. Now you can watch your favorite series of online shows or your primetime shows in crystal clear high definition broadcast on a hd live streaming media player.

Real Networks is the very first in the United States to stream the online broadcast technology with the broadcast of the New York Yankees and Seattle Mariners in 1995. ABC today is now a proud to be in the front line of online video streaming, offering its varied programming in digital streaming including prime time shows, movies, sports shows, daytime soap operas and morning shows like the Good Morning America. The list of ABC shows available in online streaming are increasing. Shows and TV specials such as the Little League World Series, NBA Finals, Saturday Night College Football, Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives of Atlanta and lost can now be enjoyed in true high definition through online streaming.

Of course, ABC is not the only only online streaming network in the US. Major US TV networks like CBS, FOX, NBC, UPN, WB and PBS have also added or switched signals from analog to digital high definition and joined the streaming competition. On Directv alone which streams moviesonline, there are over one hundred and ninety five TV channels broadcast in HD signals. Some of these stations are Fox Digital TV at Channel 5.1, WNBCDT, an affiliate of NBC, at Channel 11, CBS46, an affiliate of ABC at Channel 46.

Boston comes second to Seattle with the most number of online streaming station viewers watching in high definition.

The list of online streaming websites will continue to increase as production and purchase of media players rise in the next three years. It is said that by the end of 2016, majority of Americans will have their own media player and streaming online for free. Moviesonline are cutting the cost of the high cable bill according to the National Tv Research, the number is 80%. Online movie and video live streaming is indeed the new standard now in television viewing and replacing satellite, cable tv just like how colored TV took over the black and white market.

Just like giving up the mall when shopping for an outfit for the club and dedicating yourself to foraging for food in the wilderness for the rest of

your days, giving up cable in favor of Internet television is not a decision to be made lightly. Before you make the switch, it’s best to do a careful evaluation of your media consumption habits. So does it make sense to drop your cable TV package and use a streaming media player to stream your entertainment from the internet to your TV? It really depends what you want to watch. The best media players don’t require any monthly fees, but some channels do require a subscription.

What equipment you need to ditch cable?
Unless you already have a so-called smart TV with the ability to pick up Internet signals from your router, you’ll need to add a device that acts as a TV receiver for Internet programming. Most Blu-ray players and gaming consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One have this capability. You can buy a streaming media player such as the Roku, Chromecast or any other great media player on the market.



Shopping for Live Media Players Online

lg 1080p wireless streaming media player d 20120406171715273173582 alt2 Shopping for Live Media Players OnlineLive streaming media player shopping is really no different from dvd player shopping except that this time you are more focused on which player plays the most streaming files. With the best media players, you just simple roam around to look for any reviews and whats in the best sellers list. With comparison shopping, you have actually selected a certain item to buy and what you are actually doing is hunting for the best price tag.  Live streaming media player shopping is now mostly done online, the new a streaming home owners are now taking advantage of the online sites to get the best prices before they click the buy now button. It’s a new and exciting way of shopping especially when you are entering the new world of digital live streaming. Imagine if you like movies and great series of shows. You could stream all of this straight through your tv for free.

There are plenty of websites these days that you can buy the major brands of media players online. There are sites like the Amazon, Ebay, BizRate and Froogle. These websites have special featuresnd reviews that will make your shopping much easier. But visiting all these sites for the first time could be very stressful, especially if you don’t know your way around the internet. So here are tips on how you can maximize the benefits of shopping for a hd streaming media player and find the best one for you.

The first thing that you will need to do is to identify which brand of media player will you be making your choices from. It’s always good to have different names for the media hd player, so you will know which one is doing well in terms of pricing. Now, once you are on any of the website mentioned here, type in the search keywords on the search section of the website and press enter. By this time, you will be viewing the top results of your search on the first page.

To narrow the results of the search, choose thelow to high price range or brand names like Roku, Chromecast sorting capability of the website. This is usually the best way to shop for a media player online. Imagine you can sort the results from the most popular to the least and from the most expensive to the cheapest. But then of course, your want for a hd streaming media hd player might not always be about prices, it could also be about the features or style. So before you could sort out based on prices, you might as well check out the features first. And after which, you will pick your choice of product with the best price.streamgraph Shopping for Live Media Players Online

After you have chosen your HD streaming TV online, well it’s time for you to check out which one you will pick your choice of product with the best price.

Most major website offer free shipping, so make sure to choose one that has a great customer service. Live support is always a sign that its a good website. Shopping for streaming media players online, indeed, can save you time, money and effort when hunting for the best HD TV online.

Google Chromecast How Does Chromecast WorkMany people are running across this new media streaming device and need better info on how does Chromecast work and what it does. This is a small dongle that Google invented so you could stream movies to your tv. Chromecast streams movies and shows to your television in 2 ways. The most common way is using web apps and mobile apps. This is a very amazing concept considering you can stream from a phone. You need to have a tv with an open HDMI port and either a usb port to power it or an electrical outlet to plug in the power adapter and a wireless internet connection. The faster usually means the better. The other way is running your Google Chrome browser on your computer. It will stream any content through this browser.
It can be hooked up to your tv and controlled through your Android Samsung Galaxy S4, Iphone, all the lastest tablets, your laptop and your all-in-one desktop. This usb device will not work with Windows but you can use a desktop PC that is using Windows Vista or higher, tablet or smartphone to configure it.
Now your windows pc can cast webpages to the tv once Chromecast extension is installed in the Chrome browser which was nice because from the tablet there are only a limited number of apps that can cast to it, such as Netflix, HBO GO, Pandora and some other great features about this device.


  • Easy setup: Plug into any HDTV and connect to your home WiFi network
  • Stream online video, music to your TV using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop; Available for Windows computers running Windows 7 or higher.
  • Supports Google Play Movies Netflix, YouTube, HBO GO, Hulu Plus, Pandora, and Music mobile apps as well as select content through Chrome browser
  • Works with Android, iOS, Chrome for Mac, and Chrome for Windows
  • Box includes Chromecast, HDMI extender, USB power cable, and power adapter



Chromecast is powered by usb and a great chose for minimizing or eliminating your cable bill. So you can take it with you and stream your favorite shows anywhere. Long as you have wifi you can stream any movie or show you want from whatever app you choose. Only downside to Chromecast is that you cannot stream any old web content from a smartphone to this device.

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